Unveiling Quell: Fueling the Creative Flame

Art is a powerful form of self-expression, a gateway to boundless imagination, and a path to self-discovery. At Quell, we believe that art should be fun, accessible, and empowering for everyone. But what exactly is Quell, and why did we embark on this creative journey?

A Shared Passion for Art

Quell is the brainchild of two individuals, Chris and Kaitlyn, united by their shared passion for art and a burning desire to make a difference in the creative community. Our story begins with Kaitlyn, a former art teacher whose personal experience ignited the spark that led to the birth of Quell.

From the Classroom to the Creative Community

Kaitlyn, our co-founder and inspiration behind Quell, was once an art teacher. During her time as an educator, she witnessed the challenges faced by both students and teachers alike. One striking issue was the need for art supplies. Teachers like Kaitlyn often had to dip into their own pockets to ensure that their students had the materials they needed to explore their creativity.

This experience left a lasting impression on Kaitlyn. She understood that access to quality art supplies could significantly impact a student's artistic journey and overall educational experience. Kaitlyn's passion for art and her dedication to her students led to the realization that she wanted to do something more.

A Dream Takes Shape

This is where Quell comes into the picture. The name "Quell" embodies our mission—to quell the barriers and frustrations that aspiring artists face in their creative endeavors. We're here to quell the idea that art is exclusive or unattainable.

Kaitlyn's passion, combined with Chris's entrepreneurial spirit and shared love for art, fueled the creation of Quell. Together, we set out to provide artists of all skill levels with access to high-quality art supplies and inspiration. Our mission is simple but profound: to make art fun again and empower novices to just make and create.

Quell's Creative Vision

At Quell, we believe that creativity knows no bounds, and art should be a journey of self-expression, exploration, and joy. Our commitment to supporting the creative community goes beyond providing art assets; we're dedicated to giving back. A portion of our proceeds goes to helping teachers provide art supplies for their classrooms, ensuring that students have the tools they need to ignite their own creative flames.

Our blog is just one of the ways we plan to connect with you, our fellow artists and art enthusiasts. We're here to share our experiences, insights, and inspiration, and we invite you to join us on this creative adventure.

Together, let's explore the world of art, embrace the joy of creating, and make art a meaningful part of our lives once more. Welcome to Quell, where the journey is just as important as the destination, and where creativity knows no bounds.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and inspiration. The canvas is blank, and the possibilities are endless. Let's create something beautiful together.

With creativity and passion,

Chris and Kaitlyn

Co-Founders, Quell